Vanilla Kush is an award-winning indica. Intensely drowsy and calming, this strain relaxes sore muscles while pleasing the nose with a spicy, sweet vanilla aroma. Medical Marijuana For sale
Bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, this sedative indica features a delicious and robust aroma. The scent and taste are floral, with hints of warm spice and ample sweetness. Unsurprisingly, this strain smells just like vanilla. The unique aroma and full-bodied high from this strain were delightful enough to impress judges at a 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup, where the herb took second prize.The exact genetics of Vanilla Kush are undisclosed, but the strain is thought to be a cross between Afghani and a South Asian indica strain. The result is a delicious flower with potent, narcotic-like effects and an average of 22% THC.Vanilla Kush produces a drowsy, physical high that can last for a few hours. As a predominantly indica strain, consumers should expect some couch-locking effects, especially in high doses.Medical cannabis patients often choose this strain for chronic pain management. Vanilla Kush provides deeply relaxing relief from muscle tension and physical stress. Though the majority of this strain’s effects are felt in the body, many consumers also pick up Vanilla Kush for anxiety, insomnia, and stress-related conditions. Buy Vanilla Kush Online